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Dave discussing "play predictability" and how to incorporate it into competitive obedience.


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Dave Kroyer, Head Trainer and Owner of Canine Headquarters and DKA for dog trainers has over 15 years of experience handling, training and coaching in the areas of IGP, Ring Sport, Police K9, AKC Obedience, Nosework, Agility, SAR, and AKC Tracking. 

His FOURTEEN appearances as a World Championship competitor and multiple National and Regional podium placements in different dog sports afford him the opportunity to help and coach many top competitors in the U.S. and abroad.

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25 Jun

Is the Electronic Collar a good training tool to use?

In an increasingly fast-paced age of technology, the use and inquiry of the Electronic Remote Training Collar are on the rise. Many training systems, with flashy names and fancy catchphrases, are becoming more and more popular with performance training and pet companion training. Over the ... Read More
10 Jun

I am new to Schutzhund/IGP, where do I start? How do I find people or a club to train with?

"I am new to Schutzhund/IGP, where do I start? How do I find people or a club to train with?"This is probably the most frequently asked question on social media to date! Getting involved in Schutzhund/IGP can be very overwhelming for many people. And as ... Read More


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