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LIST OF VIDEOS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER-Heeling Master Class #3 "Locomotion"-“Can you title a dog using no corrections?"-“Help me fix my heeling"-“My dog gets distracted during TRACKING "-“Oops I lost my stand".-“Sit in motion" foundation-“The Art of Engagement"-“The Boneyard" E


"My dog does not want treats. HELP"

My dog does not like treats and is unmotivated by food, what can I do?"  A question I hear way too often. Especially as it pertains to training your dog. In this article I will shed some light on the


COVID-19 and your pets. The facts!

It is totally understandable to be scared or worried in these times ,whether it about yourself, loved ones, friends or pets.  Unfortunately, social media and the internet can give misleading information.  And of course we are all concerned with our


Competition Commands and Behaviors VS Everyday Commands and Behaviors

This is a question I have been recently asked but over the course of 20 years have been asked hundreds of times. It is a good question. For those of you that do competitive training, you already know that most behaviors need


Obsession with Aggression

More of an observation. From dog sport to companion training, the obsession with aggression is at a new all time high. One must just troll social media to witness all the discussions, or in my opinion, obsession. Even in my

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