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Frequently asked questions

Q. Im having trouble logging in, what do I do?

A. First see what operating system you're using. Some of them like the older models sometimes arent compatable with new websites. Next check your browser ( to see if its up to date. Without an updated browser you can experience trouble logging in, not being able to update password, and possibly encounter glitches on websites. Make sure you check also that you're putting in the correct email address.

Q. Im having trouble resetting my password, whats wrong?

A. First see what operating system you're using. Some of them like the older models sometimes arent compatable with new websites. Next check your browser ( to see if its up to date. Also you need to make sure your checking the most recent email (its recommended you delete any reset password emails, then go through the process of resetting the password from scratch).

Q. I have been double charged, what happened?

A. If you ever experiencing trouble logging in, resetting your password, or any issues with your account dont buy another subscription! First follow the steps above to see if your issues get worked out. If you did happen to buy two subscription, then contact us via email and we will cancel one of them.

Q. I have entered all my information but I am still not able to sign up, what do I do?

A. First, check to see if all of your information you are entering is correct. Make sure when you enter your zip code, that you select the correct city and state in the drop down bar that corresponds to your zip. Also make sure your putting in your credit card info correctly, and that your credit card is still active and not expired.

Here is a few more steps to be taken, on top of the FAQ's..

  • Can you tell us the operating system and browser your using?
  • Have you tried clearing your cache?
  • Have you tried logging in from another browser?
  • Have you tried logging in from a different device?

These are some answered questions that could help if all else isnt workng..

  • An issue with that specific computer, or an issue with the credentials your using on that computer
  • Start from scratch. Reboo the computer and try to login again hand-typing the login credentials
  • Be absolutely sure that the format of the credentials is correct. Double check for missing '.', extra spaces, letters that are capitalized when they shouldn't be
  • If that doesn't work, then turn off any plugins, add-ons or extentions in your browsers
  • Be sure to disable password managers
  • Be sure to disable any anti-virus or other security software that may have features designed to intercept or manage logins (many do)
  • If you haven't done this already, try using the Chrome browser too
  • Make sure your internet itself is working properly
  • iPads are also causing some people some trouble in particular. If your having issues on your iPad, try another computer to see if your problem resolves. If not, please email

The biggest problems people have are due to having an older operating system, or a system thats not compatable with the browser they're using, along with not having an up to date browser. If you follow those steps and your problems still persist, contact us via email explaining your problem. From there we will work with you to get your issue fixed. Please do not contact Dave through email, text, or Facebook with website issues or help.

- Needing help or having questions about upgrading from the Basic to Gold Package? Please send us an email regarding your question and we will be happy to help! You can upgrade from Basic to Gold when you log in, just add the Gold Package to your cart.

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