What is the TSB?


What is the TSB?

Did you know that IGP/IPO is the only dog sport that evaluates the natural tendencies shown by the dog?  Something you cant train.  It is actually an assessment of the "heart" of the dog.  It evaluates courage and self confidence. willingness to work, intensity and goal oriented work. The actual definition of the TSB is as follows:

"The TSB evaluation should describe the temperament characteristics of the dog for breeding purposes.  The TSB has not influence over the final result of the trial or a placing.  To achieve a TSB evaluation, the dog must have been completed at least one protection phase".

Pronounced "a"

Present  "vh"

Insufficient "ng"

A dog can still pass but receive a Insufficient TSB.  It basically means the dog is not recommend for breeding.  There is a spot in scorebook that the assessment is written.  IGP is the only sport that has this. for a dog to receive PRONOUNCED in its TSB rating, it must exhibit the following:

Sense of physical strength

Sense of psychological strength

Inner confidence and fearlessness

Urge to dominate

Stress tolerance


Many of these attributes are not are not judged in other dog sports or at least assessed.  Often I am asked which sport I think is the hardest or showcases the most powerful dogs in the protection phase.  That is a very difficult question to answer.  I have done IPO/IGP, Mondioring and French Ring all at high levels and they are ALL difficult.  And I have seen AND judged weak dogs that have still passed in Mondioring.  But there is no assessment in the other sports for courage and hardness.  One can argue that the actual work is an assessment. But I am not here to arguing, just stating facts.

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